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I’ve been voicing that “kitchens should be considered as interior” for over 15 years, and today it appears that the market has finally accepted that notion. Once called “Castles of House-wives”, kitchens play an important function of preparing meals to keep family members healthy. It is an essential place for living. Interior reflects life-styles and taste of residents, and it is important to make the space comfortable with a full expression of personalities of those who live in it.
“Order Kitchen” is where the owner’s desire, personal taste and life-style are completely satisfied. It has to be fully custom built, like an haute couture. An order kitchen designer needs to fully understand about existing structure and design limitations of the given space, to know of the owner’s budget for the project, and to provide a kitchen that the owner is truly satisfied. Colors of their choice, components such as faucets of their preference, and such are all incorporated into the project. She needs to make sure that the owners’ life-style is not molded by the given space, but create the space that is a stage where the owner’s life is high-lighted. This is not a kitchen made by putting together standardized system-kitchen components, but has to be truly original kitchen space designed for the specific owner(s).
“Isn’t an order kitchen too expensive for our budget?” or “How can we order an order kitchen?”, “I’m worried that I couldn’t convey my true feelings about the kitchen we are about to get”, “It may take much longer than we’d want”, “There maybe a lot of troubles?” there are many more perception on “order kitchens”
It is a common belief that an “Order kitchen” is something quite hard to get. I would very much like to change your view, and reach out to you to know that there are ways for you to get your own order kitchen. I am talking about “Bespoke”. First, I would listen to a client, listen and ask questions until I fully understand what she wants. In the process my inquiries may lead to discover what she wasn’t aware, or she did not have clear ideas about wishes and needs. We go over the process to have all cleared up, and I’d move on to include the owner’s taste in interior, to build custom designed kitchen space. This is the “Bespoke” process I take for my clients Some find kitchens that they like out of magazines, for example. Then add a bit of personal touch to create customized remodeled kitchens. There are many starting points to make ones dream kitchen into reality. So, let’s make your dream “Your own brand order kitchen” with me!


Principle Concepts of Beluga Design:

  • Design = Trend incorporated and Stylish
  • Stress-free = Designed to give users no stress using or just being in the kitchen
  • Performance = incorporate advanced high performance appliances to give users more time to spend on other activities and objectives
  • Maintenance = easy to clean and that lasts for a long time

These are the principles of “Beluga Kitchen Design” to produce one and only “Your own brand” kitchen. Working on kitchen designs, I aim to create “platforms to provide healthy living for the families, and that are filled with conversation and smiles.” This is a very important start for living, and I would like to assist you in getting “your own brand kitchen, which free you from duties of having to be in the kitchen.”

Profile of the Author

Yoshiko Kitamura

Kitchen Designer and Bespoke Kitchen Producer
Beluga Co., Ltd.

In1985, she started working for a major mansion developer company
As a pioneer interior coordinator, she was responsible in producing and supervising “Mansion model rooms” for over 300,000 units to be sold.
Designed and produced “Ligier” and “Granfort” models for the developer company using her interior coordinating skills.
In the Product Planning Department of the company, she organized a female only coordinator team to take charge of interior finishes for the company, which contributed in achieving higher respects for interior coordinators in the industry.
Then, she headed “Lions Living Labo” unit, which was also consisted female interior coordinators only, with a motto of “women’s living standards needs to be made by women.” With the team, she had contributed in providing condo units to include view points of women’s in space creation. She also produced many interior and appliances for the units, and visited throughout Japan for market developing.
In 2015, she launched a firm to design kitchen and bath space, standing on her experience at the major developer company, targeting remodeling projects.
To date, she maintains her “Kitchen is Interior” belief and she has been using it on all of her projects.